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Treat Smarter- Meet the Delivery System with a Genius IQ


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Watch Time: 43 mins.

The number one question from laser therapy users is, “How do I know if I’m treating correctly?” Clinicians were asking for in-use feedback on dosing accuracy, and LightForce’s team of innovators went to work. The result? A new delivery system with the IQ that takes the guess work out of treating, providing more accurate treatments for clinicians and better outcomes for patients.

Join LightForce for this unique webinar with special guest, Luis De Taboada, LightForce's own Chief Technology Officer, as we discover the smarts behind the new LightForce 40W XLi and 25W XPi lasers. Attendees will learn how the lasers provide clinician confidence through:

  1. Real-time visual and haptic feedback on dosing speed, telling if the treatment is too fast, too slow, or the appropriate speed.
  2. Built-In treatment protocols.
  3. Acceptable power levels for the treatment head selected.

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