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Therapy Lasers

Find the laser that’s right for your practice.

LightForce® Therapy Lasers are developed from our team of researchers and Ph.D’s in the field of laser therapy. All of our laser products are manufactured by LightForce® in the United States and are rigorously tested for safety and consistency. Over the years, LightForce® has never end-of-lifed a product, living up to our company promise of reliability through providing product backing and investment protection for our customers. LightForce®’s unparalleled customer support and customer success programs ensure that your laser and your practice are set up to help you win.

LightForce® XLi Therapy Laser


Treat larger, deeper areas and provide faster pain relief with real time dosing feedback.



Ideal for: The busiest practices treating the most challenging cases

Up to: 40W of therapeutic power


LightForce® EXPi Therapy Laser


Customize your treatments based on condition, skin type, body type, and acuity.



Ideal for: Practices desiring versatility through patient specific technology and delivery methods

Up to: 25W of therapeutic power


LightForce® FXi Therapy Laser


Treat quickly and consistently on the go.



Ideal for: Practices treating in multiple locations in or out of the office

Up to: 15W of therapeutic power


LightForce® Legacy Products

The reliable products that have made LightForce® the trusted name in laser therapy.



Ideal for: Smaller practices looking to add laser treatment on a modest budget


LightForce® EXP Therapy Laser



Up to: 25W of therapeutic power

LightForce® EX Therapy Laser



Up to: 15W of therapeutic power

LightForce® Pro Therapy Laser



Up to: 9W of therapeutic power

LCT-1000 Therapy Laser



Up to: 10W of therapeutic power