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Super Confused about Super Pulsing?


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Watch Time: 51 mins.

If you're super confused about the role super pulsing plays in laser therapy, you're not alone! In this webinar, Mark Callanen, PT, DPT, OCS will clear up the misconceptions about this abundantly used marketing term. He will address the impact that pulsing and super pulsing have on the key laser therapy treatment principles responsible for clinical successes - and failures.

Webinar attendees will be presented with the facts and published research on the clinical impact of different laser light delivery modes, focusing on the following key topics:

  • Modes of Delivery: What is the difference between continuous wave, pulsing, and super pulsing?
  • Getting Past the Lingo: What is real and what is marketing?
  • Reaching Target Tissue: What impact does pulsing and super pulsing have on depth of penetration to target tissue?
  • Appropriate Dosing: What impact does pulsing and super pulsing have on delivering an optimal dose of laser energy to target tissue?

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