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LymphaTouch & Laser Therapy: A Potent Approach to Addressing Inflammation


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Watch Time: 40 mins.

Coupling laser therapy and negative pressure modalities creates a combined micro and macro approach to addressing inflammation. In this webinar, learn how the medical negative pressure system, LymphaTouch, impacts pain and inflammation to produce faster recoveries and how to combine the system with laser therapy for a powerful treatment approach.

LymphaTouch’s Clinical Specialist, Mira Väyrynen, PT, M.H.Sc, joins LightForce’s Clinical Sales Specialist, Adam Marmon, PhD, to discuss the science and clinical applications of each technology. Mark Callanen, DPT, LightForce Director of Clinical Development, hosts the guests and discusses how the modalities function congruently to produce better patient outcomes.

Topics discussed will include:

  • How negative pressure improves lymphatic flow
  • How laser therapy increases microcirculation
  • Effects of each modality on pain and inflammation
  • Clinical applications of both modalities
  • How combining negative pressure and laser therapy produces better patient outcomes

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