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Laser Therapy ROI - Q&A with Rural Midwestern Clinic that Brings in Thousands Each Month


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Watch Time: 18 mins.

When looking for something that would separate his clinic from surrounding competitors, Troy Herrman decided to investigate adding laser therapy to his practice. Located in a rural town in Western, Kansas, Herrman was concerned that patients wouldn’t pay cash for treatments.

After purchasing the laser, Herrman PT held an open house event and saw 90% of patients sign up and pay that day for laser treatment packages. Even with launching his laser program in the middle of the pandemic, Herrman has seen an average of $6,000 a month in laser therapy revenue for his clinic.

Hear from physical therapy clinic owner, Troy Herrman in his own words as he shares about the financial results of adding laser to his practice as well as the patient outcomes that continue to make the modality a key component to patient plans of care.

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