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Utilizing Laser Therapy for Prehab and as an Ergogenic Aid


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Watch Time: 41 mins.

When looking at laser therapy applications, the majority of focus is on pain/inflammation reduction related to injury and disease. More recently, however, an increasing amount of attention is being given to the therapeutic benefits of delivering laser therapy prior to activity, specifically with regard to athletic performance, injury prevention, and improved recovery.

In this webinar, Mark Callanen, PT, DPT, OCS will discuss these lesser-known laser therapy applications. Featuring a review of recent studies, he will reveal research findings demonstrating the ergogenic capabilities of this modality. He will also highlight the current trend within sports medicine of using laser therapy to help prevent injury and facilitate faster recovery.

Key Talking Points:

  • Study review looking at effects of photobiomodulation (PBM) on athletic performance and recovery
  • Discussion of impact on rotator cuff performance, quadriceps performance, and DOMS
  • Highlight novel ways to incorporate the anti-inflammatory/analgesic benefits of laser with prehab

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