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Laser Therapy for Chiropractors - Q&A with Dr. Ray Solano on Patient Outcomes & Satisfaction with Laser Therapy


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Watch Time: 47 mins.

Chiropractors are focused on improving the health and wellness of their patients. Often times, patients come to chiropractors with musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions causing pain and inflammation. What if you could offer your patients a way to immediately reduce their pain and inflammation inside your clinic?

Laser therapy has changed the game for chiropractors by being able to provide fast results that lead to better outcomes for patients and income for their practices. In this special Q&A webinar with guest Ray Solano, DC, CCSP, we will explore how to integrate laser therapy treatment into a chiropractic clinic as well as the difference in patient satisfaction when treating with the laser.

Key topics you will learn from the webinar include:

  • The Difference in the Plan of Care & Outcomes for Patients Before and After Adding a Laser Program
  • The Different in Patient Satisfaction When Treating with the Laser
  • How to Integrate the Laser into Your Treatments
  • Specific Treatment Recommendations with Emphasis on the Neck and Back

Plus FREE Exclusive Training Videos from Dr. Solano

You will also receive exclusive training videos from Dr. Solano after you register on how to treat the lumbar region, TMJ, and tennis elbow with laser therapy.

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