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Introduction for Chiropractors to Cash-Based Modalities


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Watch Time: 42 mins.

In the chiropractic practice, modalities are commonly used to produce better outcomes for patients and a greater ROI for the practice. But what steps can be taken to implement technology and successfully run a modality program in your practice?

In this webinar, chiropractic practice owner and DJO clinical education director, Chris Proulx, D.C., Ph.D. (abd), C.S.C.S, will discuss how he has personally implemented modalities into his practice and helped dozens of other Chiropractic clinics across the U.S. do the same. During the webinar, Dr. Proulx will unpack:

  • The need for cash-based modalities in today's chiropractic practice
  • The types of modalities that produce clinical results and ROI
  • Understanding your clinic's goals of marketing or productivity then formulating a modality plan around those goals
  • Implementation tactics of laying out the schedule, plans of care, packaging treatments, and what to charge for treatments

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