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Creating a Cash-Pay Clinic - Interview with Lenny Macrina


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Watch Time: 25 mins.

Co-host of the popular rehabilitation podcast, “The Ask Mike Reinold Show,” and co-founder of Champion PT and Performance outside of Boston, MA, Lenny Macrina, PT, shares insights from his experience opening a cash-pay sports therapy practice and gym.

Macrina has been practicing PT for over 20 years and speaks to clinicians first-hand about his decision to move into a cash-pay model to create a unique patient experience. In this webinar, Macrina discusses the business side of his practice as well as the importance of putting together comprehensive plans of care that produce results for patients. Using both manual therapy and modalities, Macrina shares how combining both approaches influences outcomes and drives patient retention.

Cash-Pay Clinic, Sports Therapy, Plans of Care, Laser Therapy, NMES, E-Stim, Blood Flow Restriction

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