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From the Athletic Training Room to the Treatment Room - Laser Therapy Lessons from High Performing Athletes for Everyday Use


Treatment Treatment

Watch Time: 58 mins.

Over 200 professional and collegiate sports teams choose LightForce Therapy Lasers to keep their athletes performing at their best, but the benefits of deep tissue laser therapy extend far beyond sports medicine.

In this webinar, gain an exclusive, behind-the-scenes view into the athletic training rooms of these elite sports teams, directly from someone who worked there. Discover how these sports medicine professionals are leveraging laser therapy to better manage pain, inflammation, and injuries - then learn how you can use the same technology and techniques to provide an elevated level of care for your patients.

Key Talking Points Include:

  • Overview of laser therapy use in elite sports medicine
  • Review of common conditions and indications
  • Translating success in the training room to success in private practice

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