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Jumpstart Your Practice: Part 3 - Adding a Cash-Based Modality to Your Practice


Practice Building Practice Building

Watch Time: 38 mins.

With Special Guests Sara Morrison, DPT, and Bob Bacci, PT

After months of reduced patient loads or having to temporarily close the doors, clinicians are asking what they can do to generate more income for their practices. Now more than ever cash-based modalities are helping practices to fill in the income gap.

In this 40 minute webinar, hear from two practicing clinicians who have implemented successful laser therapy programs into their practices and reaped the benefits from better outcomes for patients and income for their practice. Sara Morrison, DPT, shares her experience serving a small community in North Carolina while Bob Bacci, PT, shares how he grew his practice to include 4 laser therapy devices. Learn from these clinicians as they share about:

  • How they took a leap of faith to try adding a cash-based modality
  • The struggle getting staff on-board when asking patients to pay
  • Not judging which patients can or will private pay
  • How patient outcomes changed their whole perspective
  • The importance of after-purchase support in their success

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